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Anne and Theo Julienne (
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 07:13:49 +1100

> I don't understand the following statement:
> >A closed "Sudbury" mind is still a closed mind.>
> Is it a statement on the strings that led after yours?
> Michelle


Thank you for your interest and your acceptance of the subject title.
The statement was elicited by the strings that followed.
BTW, I am NOT saying that Sudbury minds are closed.
only that
A closed "Sudbury" mind is still a closed mind.
Hoping this helps to clarify.

I guess that what I'm really probing is this:
My son and I are planning on starting a new school here in Sydney.
The "democratic" processes so far consist of consensus decision-making often
in an informal setting, but then ratified at a more formal meeting at which
Minutes are taken.
We have decided that our school will offer courses of study but that refusal
to undertake any course will not carry any penalty. My son is extremely
psychologically perceptive and is capable of determining whether I really
mean this or not. (I also happen to believe that he is not unique in
possessing these powers.)
So our school will be democratic and non-coercive, but with courses on
I'm trying to ascertain whether it will be capable of becoming a Sudbury
Sister School or not. Offering courses resembles Summerhill which is listed
as a sister school, but I wonder whether a new school with courses would be
accepted into the club.
(BTW the decision to offer courses has been made very recently and following
my original post on the issue. It has yet to be ratified.)
Thank you again for your attention and interest.


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