Re: DSM: dancing

Anne and Theo Julienne (
Sat, 20 Jan 2001 16:30:14 +1100

> > I believe that offers are OK so long as "no" is always allowed.
> >
> Absolutely. If we believe a child has sense enough to guide his days, we
> surely should have the confidence that he can say "no" when he wants to.
> is a good answer too.

>>I agree that there is a fine line between offering and coercing. The key
me is, I look inside myself. If "I" want it for my child, then I don't
offer. If I offer with no agenda in mind, or if "no" doesn't bother me. >>

What's the difference between "I" and I, between "no" and no?

I like the "dancing" title (even the dancing title).

Some minds are more open than others.
A closed "Sudbury" mind is still a closed mind.

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