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> The other day someone told me my child shouldn’t be touching the fruit in
> store. The immediate thought in my head was “ well, you are allowed to
> the
> fruit, and I am allowed to touch the fruit, so why not them?”
> This kind of thing happens frequently. Many people don’t think of kids as
> people
> who deserve respect and have rights just as you or I do.
> This made me think...
Our son has received this behavior from strangers, family, friends and even
one or two staff members at a Sud-like school. Unfortunately, these are all
to common behaviors.
This is one of my pet peeves. It's been a way of life for us, however. Some
old fart will take the cap off my son's head and say, "Hey, What's up there
beautiful?" or something equally stupid. It's become a bit easier now that
he's getting a bit older.
Many times, he's able to say, "back off!" to ANY adult, or just ignore the
person displaying such invasive behavior. He becomes angry when he doesn't
receive the respect he's received at home. Sometimes I think that raising
him with respect has done him a disservice, because not many people respect
children. That's a pathetic thing to have to be hesitant about, I know.
The real hope I see is in the Sud-school staff members who do, indeed,
respect him (And that is most of them.) and mostly in the other children.
By the way, my child has been picking the fruit since he could sit up. They
don't have to like it. They just have to live with it!

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