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Thu, 18 Jan 2001 11:34:49 +1100

You wrote:
> I keep trying to figure out the most appropriate educational set of
> to offer to a small group of students here in the State of Washington. (NW
> United States). The door is wide open and we can pretty much do what we
> all funded by the state but you have to learn how to dance to their tune
> doing your own personal dance :)

This is intriguing for me.

I'm examining educational paradigms with a view to starting a school. The
current two "dancers" are myself and my son. I think your dancing image
captures a lot of the feelings in the situation.

I've noted in DSM posts a reluctance to "coerce" students by offering
courses of study, encouraging study activities like reading, etc. Is it OK
to "offer" paradigms rather than just waiting for ideas to arise
spontaneously from the potential student body?

I believe that offers are OK so long as "no" is always allowed.

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