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Wed, 17 Jan 2001 16:09:05 -0800

Malc wrote:

> Why, btw, do you refer to Sudbury as Sudsbury? Am I missing a joke! Or have
> I got it wrong?
> Regards,
> Malc


Just very poor typing :) that my spellchecker did not catch!



By the way, a number of our better known politicians are in or are going to

They keep trying to find some way to put Clinton in the clink :)

As regards jails, I have often thought about the concept of trying to have a
jail outreach program through some church program that would incorporate an
educational program but have never really put my thoughts together. It seems
to me you have a captive audience and would think they might want a good job
when they got out. The key, in my mind, is to tie the education to a job
waiting for them after they get out. Not real easy to do for a diverse

I hope my comments about the Sudsbury prison concept may give some people
something to think about. If I ever get enough money together I am going to
buy some of the material available that more completely explains the concept.

I keep trying to figure out the most appropriate educational set of paradigms
to offer to a small group of students here in the State of Washington. (NW
United States). The door is wide open and we can pretty much do what we want
all funded by the state but you have to learn how to dance to their tune while
doing your own personal dance :)

Your Friend, John

ps thanks for sharing the experience you had with your friend.

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