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John Axtell (
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 10:01:35 -0800

Dear Malc,

I am very sorry that your educational experience and understanding of world
leaders has made it impossible for you to recognize leaders who have benefited
from prison and military schools. Since you seem to be interested you might find
it fun to read about U. S. Presidents who were trained in military schools, or
Mandella who gained much from the freedom he had in prison.

The value of a Sudsbury Prison is a good and valid question. The lack of
leadership, of discipline, and purpose; the lack of a structured environment and
exposure to a broad cross section of society probably does damage a child.

Certainly having to attend a Sudsbury prison, rather than to have the freedom my
children have to go to a learning environment or not, including public school, I
am sure damages a child. My children have the opportunity to be exposed to many
different kinds of people daily, not just one or two instructors in a highly
structured and controlled environment that has a JC if he "violates" some rule
being imposed upon him by the majority or limited to exposure to 30 to 40 like
minded students, which certainly is a prison.

Malc, by now you have probably come to the realization that there is little
relationship between a democracy and individual freedom. You may also have come
to the realization that there is little relationship between laws, justice,
individual rights and fairness.

I hope that you have found the above enlightening and educational.

Your Friend,

John Axtell

Malc wrote:

> Sorry to be so stupid, but I cannot find these together world leaders you
> refer to...
> Perhaps some pointers? As for individuals benefiting from prison
> experience, perhaps.
> I wonder how they world have got on at a Sudbury style prison?
> Malc
> At 11:42 12.01.01 -0800, you wrote:
> >Interesting thoughts Mike. As I read your post a thought came to my mind.
> >
> >I think that jail has produced some great educational outcomes. Look at
> >some of
> >the worlds leaders who were not quite all together until they spent years in
> >jail.

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