Re: DSM: Re: SVS for everyone?

Alan Klein (
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 17:26:50 -0500

The fact, from time to infrequent time, people have left jail and military
academies in better shape than they went in does not necessarily mean that
it was those environments which "produced" the good results. In fact, even
if one was willing to postulate that there was a cause and effect
relationship, the infrequent "good" results are probably the exceptions that
prove the rule (of those environments NOT being good for learning) rather
than the rule itself.

~Alan Klein

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From: John Axtell <>
> I think that jail has produced some great educational outcomes. Look at
some of
> the worlds leaders who were not quite all together until they spent years
> jail. I just talked to a good friend of mine who just spent five years in
> federal pen. He is a greatly improved individual, and he really did not do
> anything bad to get him there either.
> I also thought that our numerous military academies have produced some
> fine individuals and leaders.

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