RE: DSM: Re: SVS for everyone?

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Thu, 11 Jan 2001 12:19:11 -0500

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<In a
>round about way, this is dangerously close to conceding a crucial point to
>those who claim we 'cherry pick' our kids - people can (and have) pointed to
>the vast numbers of 'disadvantaged' kids as being, in effect, those whom
>poor nurture (or, more generously, poor environment) has rendered unfit for
>our type of school.
>I don't like this argument, but until we get a SM school running in an inner
>city someplace for a decade or so, I find it hard to refute.

The Albany Free School is located in downtown Albany, NY. Although it is
not a Sudbury school it is very similar, and it has been around since 1969.
 There is an article about it on the web, the URL is:

There is also a book that the co-director, Chris Mercogliano, has written
about the school, entitled Making It Up As We Go Along. Borders and
Barnes and Noble probably carry it.


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