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Anna Babina (annababina@yandex.ru)
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 14:24:32 +0300

I can't agree. It's not cold but honest. When you respect a person you
accept that he does what he wants. And it's man's natural right. But if you
don't suppose the same acception on his side your feeling of respect is not
full. As if you say "You're not strong enough to accept me what I am"


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> I refuse students all the time. When little kids ask me to read to them,
> they know (or quickly learn), that I do not want to spend time reading to
> just one or two people at a time, and that I generally refuse to read
> Richard Scarry books or "The Magic Schoolbus." Students know that I am
> easier to draw into a conversation about politics or philosophy, than a
> discussion about art.
> >>
>This sounds awfully cold to me, since I know of very few, if any, little
>children who wish to indulge in politics. And just how do you measure
>importance to a child?

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