Re: DSM: Re: SVS for everyone?
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 03:41:44 EST

As I discuss my dreams of starting a free school and the benefits children
receive from being involved in such an environment, I always involve myself
in a discussion of what "kind" of kid functions well in this environment vs.
a "schooling" environment.

What I have come to believe is that any child can achieve their potential if
they are raised in a great environment from birth and throughout life via the
impact of their parents. I believe this is one of the reasons many of the
Sudbury sites refer to their desire to have parents "committed to providing a
warm, stimulating, egalitarian learning environment" (quoted from the
Sacramento Valley School website).

Outside of extremely bad educational environments, I think that any child
raised in "a warm, stimulating, egalitarian learning environment" will
succeed in school.

But what we must ask, given this situation, is what is the optimal,
developmentally appropriate environment for education. This environment,
undoubtedly, is the type offered by Sudbury Valley-based schools.

Any thoughts?


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