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Not all students are little. :-)

I measure importance to any person by what s/he tells me.

I fear I really _would_ be a cold person, if I were to make an effort to
pretend that I am equally interested in discussing any subject. Admitting
one's personal tastes, I think, demonstrates warmth and humanity.

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> I refuse students all the time. When little kids ask me to read to them,
> they know (or quickly learn), that I do not want to spend time reading to
> just one or two people at a time, and that I generally refuse to read
> Richard Scarry books or "The Magic Schoolbus." Students know that I am
> easier to draw into a conversation about politics or philosophy, than a
> discussion about art.
> >>
> This sounds awfully cold to me, since I know of very few, if any, little
> children who wish to indulge in politics. And just how do you measure
> importance to a child?

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