Re: DSM: Re: Subtle Coercion?

Heidi Barker (
Wed, 10 Jan 2001 16:43:04 -0900

    In my efforts to find other parents in my area who might be interested
in starting an SVS-model school, I happened on someone who went the last two
years of her high school to the Warehouse School in Cambridge, Mass. This
was sometime in the seventies. She said the school is no longer open, that
the founders were a wonderful couple, but not good business people. The IRS
came after them for back taxes. (A good example, it would seem, that
schools should be treated as businesses, as the point's been made here.)
    At any rate, she described a school similar to SVS, but she said they
had a bulletin board where people could post notice of classes they'd be
teaching. Anybody could teach a class--students, staff, parents--and
students could take a class or not. Would this be deemed too coercive for
an SVS-type school?

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