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CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Tue, 9 Jan 2001 09:44:52 -0500

Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for all your answers. A few more questions:

> We started a church called Fairhaven Fellowship, a (true)
> Maryland church. MDE requires that the church excercises governance over
> the school, and it does so via a document called "Governing Procedures of
> Fairhaven School" which, if you squint, look really much like Sudbury
> School By-Laws.

Wow! You had to start a church! Silly that you can do it all but you have
to walk through so many back doors. Why don't they just let us do it!?
Anyway, how do you set up a church? Who regulates that?

I love the "if you squint" part! :)
> Aside from regular business meetings, Fairhaven Fellowship consists of
> various clubs and small study groups that go their own direction, and
> anything that happens in the groups is up to the groups and is
> nonrepresentative of the Fellowship as a whole, which is strictly
> non-denominational. Part of the creed of FF speaks to the fact that part
> our beliefs are the creation of a democratically self-governed educational
> environment.
Are there groups involved in the church that aren't involved in the school?
Is it just on paper or do you have to do anything for this church?

> We are non-profit (see above).

I was confused by the .com instead of a .org Why is it a .com?

I understand the advantages of a non-profit and couldn't figure out why you
wouldn't be non-profit, but you are so I understand now. Thanks.

> The school at the McCaig's was in the early nineties and before my time.
> Crossroads Coop happened in 96-97 and 97-98 and was about 20 - 24 kids the
> whole time. In retrospect I think Crossroads was a really great way to
> our core together while the school was being planned and built. I think
> that at least one other founder feels differently, though...

I think it would be a great way to hold it together too. How did 20 kids
work in one house and not get on each others nerves? Was space a problem?
I have thought about this but just can't imagine that number of people
peacefully exploring in my house. If it is appropriate, do you know why one
member didn't think it was a good idea? I'd be interested so I can prepare
for all sides. I understand if you don't want to comment.

Now a few new ones:

How in the world do you raise $650,000!!! I've done small stuff before,
Girl Guides, cookie sales, auctions, raffles etc... How many car washes
does it take to raise $650,000?!? ;)

The "Building Again" section says that you have already secured $100,000 in
advance leadership gifts. What are advance leadership gifts?

In the article "Parents and Fairhaven", it states that the Assembly decides
who gets a diploma. How did Fairhaven get authority to grant diplomas? Do
the kids have to do a thesis like at SV?
I really like the idea of a thesis. I think it's great.

I really appreciate the time you are taking to help me by answering all my
questions and I thank you a thousand times over. I am learning and gaining
confidence that I can do it. If it's been done, I can figure out how to do
it too. Thank you.


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