RE: DSM: pre-Sudbury parental conduct

Joe Jackson (
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 15:06:05 -0500

> Home schooling as a
> concept in no way
> would prevent the SV model from being implemented in the
> schooling part of the
> Home schooling experience, while the family part of the
> experience may not be
> democratic in any way.

I wish that we would just call unschooling unschooling and not try to
intimate that the SM can be "implemented" in any way, shape or form in a
homeschooling environment. The model is the model, and if you subtract the
school community and structures and take it home, it's just no longer the

And while many parents who have done both home schooling and SM schooling
prefer the former, everyone who's done both knows they're miles apart.

> If SV model students tend to give their parent's "back talk" I
> question if they
> really understand the values that SV is trying to instill. "Back
> talk" hardly
> sounds like individuals respecting the rights of others.

I think that statement is pretty generation- and culture-specific. My kids
and I trash-talk each other all day. Especially when Jimmy is kicking my
tail at Super Smash Brothers.


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