RE: DSM: Re: Subtle Coercion?

Joe Jackson (
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 00:05:37 -0500

> In response to those who are deciding whether the person who recommended a
> book was acting appropriately or inappropriately, I find it rather hard to
> believe that anyone can judge something without actually being a part of
> the situation.
> Lets give people a bit of a break and not jump on their backs.

I think the scenario was stated as a test case as to whether that
interaction would be appropriate for a staff-student exchange at a SM
school, so you're way off base.

> praise two different schools for each of their wonderful qualities! I
> completely agree with you - I do not think it is a contest.

I absolutely agree, and I think every single Sudbury school person who has
posted mentioned what a great debt our model owes Summerhill. Summerhill is
thought of with great value by all the SM folks I've been in contact with.
It is also of great value to recognize the differences between Summerhill
and SVS and discuss why or why not we think these differences are important,
since that would obstensibly be an example of a fundamental purpose of this
discussion list.

And I sure as heck don't feel like we are in business competition with other
democratic schools, since there are no such schools besides Fairhaven,
Circle, and New School in a 500-mile radius of us...

-Joe Jackson

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