Re: DSM: Interest increasing?
Sun, 7 Jan 2001 21:34:32 EST

I think that today, when I counted from our less than perfect list, there
were 18 Sudbury schools in this country. (Sorry, but no matter what they
call themselves, in my book The New School, The Highland School, and The
Tutorial School are close enough to be considered blood brothers, and they
are part of my set of Sudbury schools.) And quite a few in other countries.
So the number is not quite as puny as 12. Look at it this way: if a friend
of yours lived in Santa Fe, or Newark, Delaware, or rural WV, wouldn't you
tell them about the cool school that they could join not too far away?

And Summerhill, while certainly a thing apart, is not all that apart. The
kids at Summerhill feel very much in control of many aspects of daily life at
school. They feel free and empowered, whether or not it is "really" a
democracy. And, forgive me for saying so, but some of us might think the
Ombudsman idea at Summerhill is patronizing.

I confess to not having considered Summerhill OR SVS an experiment for quite
a number of years.

I feel that there is strength -- and zero coercion -- in numbers. I know
there is, in fact.


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