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Hi, Derek here from The Booroobin Sudbury School,
It was said that:
>I've seen little children struggle with school meeting and JC at times in
some schools.<
I've seen Students and Staff struggle with both, at times. Its likely that
someone new to such a different system, where the individual has the right
to be heard and what they have to say counts, without reverting to someone
who has perhaps the only authority to possibly come up with a solution that
might be satisfactory. They adapt, over time. They become empowered, over
time. From my experience, young Students learn to deal with both the SM and
JC more quickly. They have not been oppressed for so long as those Students
who enrol when they're older. Its far more important for people of all ages
to know they have equal rights, especially to be heard and to have recourse
to larger forums where democratic principles apply.
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> << There is absolutely no basis for that assumption. True, I
> don't know of a Sudbury school that officially nominates, elects, or
> appoints guardians for new and young students. >>
> The only basis I have is what I've seen. I've seen little children
> with school meeting and JC at times in some schools.
> Also, Ombudsmen aren't guardians. And they aren't only for young
> They are for anyone who wishes one.

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