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Hi, Derek here from The Booroobin Sudbury School,
I think we're all indebted to those who have sought to work outside the
current paradigm to create a new educational paradigm. There were people
before Neil, and there have been and are many people who have worked with
Danny to grow the democracy of Sudbury. These discussions are a sign of its
openness to debate. Its important that anyone not especially involved in
the establishment of a SVM School and have gone through all the resulting
trials, tribulations and joys that there was not a formula for establishing
SVS when it started. The result of SVS today is people working together
with commitment and dedication, democratically, evolving the model as
The Booroobin Sudbury School
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> << That said, the idea that Summerhill is more democratic than a Sudbury
> school
> strikes me as laughable. >>
> I don't think it's more democratic. But I think it surpasses the SM model
> some ways. As I think the SM model surpasses Summerhil in some ways.
> Both provide freedom for children. It's not a contest to me.
> I am in debt to A.S. Neil and Summerhil for doing this long before we
> Americans did.
> And I am in debt to Daniel Greenberg for Sudbury.

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