RE: DSM: Subtle Coercion?

Bruce Smith (
Sun, 7 Jan 2001 14:07:00 -0700

I prematurely deleted some messages, so I can't quote or respond directly.
But I wanted to add a postscript to the exchange about suggesting
easy-reading books to a friend. I had said that I could see myself doing
this. Then Joe responded that it failed his test of appropriate staff

I believe that I read the original post too quickly. At the point that a
friend or student at my school expressed frustration with something, I
could see myself suggesting alternate reading. But I would leave it at
that. If they did not respond to my suggestion, I would drop it and move
on, leaving the ball in their court. To take the next step and offer a book
to the person who had not responded to my remark would indeed be
inappropriate for staff, in my opinion.


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