Re: DSM: Interest increasing?

Bruce Smith (
Sun, 7 Jan 2001 14:01:08 -0700

>In the SM model, there is a defendant, a prosecution and a
>jury. But, there is no active defense. The plaintiff brings in witnesses.
>The defendant doesn't. I just think this is an important part of a judicial
>system. That a defendant has representation other than him/herself, makes
>sense to me.

Again, I have to question your understanding of JC, for your description
simply is not accurate. In JC,the voting members take direct testimony from
individuals of their own choosing; nobody "brings in witnesses" except
these JC voting members, and everybody speaks for her/himself. Defendants,
prosecutions and juries are exclusively elements of trials, which follow
"not guilty" pleas in JC. And even there, a defendant may ask _anyone_ at
school to represent him/her.

Please be careful about passing judgment on JC until you are more informed.


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