RE: DSM: Subtle Coercion?

Bruce Smith (
Sun, 7 Jan 2001 13:51:54 -0700

>I want
>to understand the factors that make it difficult for schools like these to

It's not the inability to offer yoga or pottery, but something much more
fundamental: not enough people to carry the load. It is SO difficult to
simultaneously operate and grow a school. When you factor in the
establishing of a respectful, self-sustaining culture, it's just too much
for a few people to do. I'm fairly sure my friends at Liberty Valley would
agree that minimal staffing is one of their chief difficulties, because it
makes addressing any other problem so much harder. Not having enough
committed, talent people around is also a major reason why the Independence
School in Florida closed (I speak from first-hand experience on this).

The number of such people at Alpine Valley is what makes me confident about
our long-term prospects. We're still struggling to balance
culture-building, PR/marketing, and simply living the life of the school,
but at least we've got many good people doing it.


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