Re: DSM: Interest increasing?
Sun, 7 Jan 2001 15:30:55 EST

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 My impression is that the students get to vote on things, but not issues
 that would comprise "running" the school.

In a way, it's like some Sud schools in that they run what they're interested
in running. They don't care much about administrative things. And some
things they care deeply about. They choose their issues and interests. And
school meetings are a big deal, and most attend because they want to. The
meetings are somewhat inviting.

One major difference I see betwen Summerhill and the SM, is that they have
offered actual classes at actual times. The students either went or they
didn't. It was an offering, not a requirement. I'm not sure if they're still
doing that or not. It's been awhile.

One thing that is similar to the SM model is that they get static from the
outside community for promoting freedom.

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