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> You have 130,000 to draw from for your school? That's a lot more than I
> would have. I live in interior Alaska, 100 miles south of Fairbanks, near
> Denali National Park. We're moving to Fairbanks this summer, population
> 38,000. While Interior Alaskans do tend to be a little on the different
> side, I'm worried that that isn't big enough to support a democratic
> school. Anybody know what's the smallest community that does support a
> democratic school?

The Red Cedar School in Bristol, Vermont is a strong contender for this
record. Bristol itself has a pop. of about 4,000; Bristol and two adjacent
towns account for at least half the kids. Its county (770 sq miles) has a
pop of 35,000. Now in its 12th year and going strong, enrollment has ranged
from like 18 to 28 over the years. (btw, they have a GREAT web-site with a
unique and articulate presentation of the philosophy

In the early days when we were really struggling, the folks at Sudbury tried
to encourage us by comparing our per capita enrollment to theirs, which for
us was 7 per 10,000 population and for them was like 0.5! There is
something to this... Bristol is a totally cool!

-Alan Mitter-Burke

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