Re: DSM: Interest increasing?

Sam Senteney (
Sat, 06 Jan 2001 21:02:02 -0800

Sam responding to John's questions...

>Why does anyone think that a "democracy" results in "freedoms"?

I believe freedoms to exist prior to democracy, not as a result of
it. Democracy is a device for controlling which freedoms are allowed and
to what extent - by the democratic body.

>Why do people consider rules decided on by a majority of a group to be less
>onerous than rules decided on by a dictator ?

Inclusion. My preference is to have a voice in which rules get decided on
and the opportunity to present my reasons, over being told which rules are
in effect. Less onerous because I have an active voice as opposed to none.

>In dealing with parents in a public school setting I find their ideas much
>more upsetting than those of the school superintendent (the dictator).
>John Axtell

Because in one instance the dictator sounds more reasonable than the
unwashed masses, doesn't mean that it applies in every case. In my
experience here in Sacramento, I have found little difference in the ideas
of public school parents over the superintendent in how upsetting they are
to me. However, in the intentional democratic community that Sacramento
Valley School has become, I place more trust in that body as a whole to
decide how our community functions. I trust that the majority of members
duly consider the impacts of decisions to the membership, and that they
have an understanding of when a decision would alter the nature of the
community in a profound way.

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