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Leon Viger (lviger.cfs@ns.sympatico.ca)
Fri, 5 Jan 2001 23:45:01 -0400

Good Evening Cindy:

here's some answers to your questions:
- we all have the ideal site in mind (Framingham) and have been attracted to big old homes, but unfortunately these tend to be money pits. We have our eyes on a very large 100 yr. old home with a 1970 renovation. It's situated on 3 acres in a University town. Other than that, we're looking for one level buildings on land away from houses. Trying to not close my eyes to anything. Cost is of course a factor as we're funding this ourselves. We'll either rent or mortgage something and tuition will be our only available income. Try not to focus on the money thing (I'm in the same boat as you). Hopefully when you have a core founders group, you'll be able to scrape up initial costs by borrowing, if necessary.

- Lawyer was someone we had heard of who started other private schools in the province. We had another lawyer initially but he didn't know anything about schools so he would have cost considerably more. The lawyer knew the accountant and had worked with him on private schools. The accountant will set our books up initially and do our audits. Again, we're paying for this out of our pockets, but will be reimbursed in future from the school.

- We've only had one formal talkabout but Stephanie is a good networker. Our talkabouts will be by a mailed invitation and are informal, in our home. We find people by word of mouth. When we've had the presentations in the public library with Danny, we've put posters up around nearby towns, in stores, etc.

- We haven't had difficulty YET...that's the key word. I can just foresee that we will have difficulty. As you read "Starting a Sudbury School" you'll see what I mean. You realize how deep you're going.

You were inquiring about Charter Schools. I'm sure someone will give the answer. I can't remember why, but we can't be one for some reason. If you don't find your answer, I'll check with Stephanie. I have 2 children (the teething 6 mth. old) and a 41/2 yr. old. He'll be 5 on October 1st so will be entitled to enter school this Fall (in N.S., Oct. 1st is the cut-off). If for whatever reason the school didn't happen 2001, we would keep him out of school (age 7 is the province requirement). What is "attachment parenting"?

That's all for now...keep positive!


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