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Um... How is it more "democratic" for the state to have agents whose job
it is to "get out the vote?"

Democracy means the _right_ to vote. With all the consequences -- people
don't always get what they want in a democratic school (I sure don't!). It
does not mean a requirement to vote, or coercion to speak. When our
youngest students have something to say in School Meeting, they have no
problem saying it -- they don't need an agent to help them say it.

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> << Hi all,
> Summerhill is a School that deserves respect for many of the things that it
> has done. I have a huge amount of respect for it. However it is not
> democratic. There have been discussions on this before, and I'm sure others
> will have their say on this. Summerhill operates meetings with limited
> decision making power, in a democratic manner >>
> Derek,
> Been there. Seen it. It is very democratic. It surpasses the SM model, in
> my humble opinion,in that it supplies ombudsmen to help the little children
> to be heard in school meetings.

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