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Your comment is noted. I've read and heard directly, sufficient information
to maintain my opinion. I know of the Ombudsman. It's a solution or
process that Summerhill decided and that's okay for them. I don't believe
that it empowers people. It brings another person into the picture who acts
as an intermediary between people. Representing someone else or intervening
on someone's behalf doesn't lead automatically to empowering people to work
out things for themselves or to ensure they know they have the power to seek
recourse through a justice system or to raise the matter at a SM. Even
though I understand the Ombudsman may be a Student, it is akin to installing
another authority figure, or problem solver. A fundamental tenet of
democracy and SVM Schools is respect. By respecting our Students, our very
youngest Student at age 4 knows and has asked for Motions to be considered
at SM's. The Motions have been fully discussed and decisions made, both for
and against the Motion. He has asked various people for assistance to
complete written Complaints, and he has had plenty brought against him. All
of this is about learning to function as a respected member of a functioning
participatory democracy.
Regards, Derek
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> << Hi all,
> Summerhill is a School that deserves respect for many of the things that
> has done. I have a huge amount of respect for it. However it is not
> democratic. There have been discussions on this before, and I'm sure
> will have their say on this. Summerhill operates meetings with limited
> decision making power, in a democratic manner >>
> Derek,
> Been there. Seen it. It is very democratic. It surpasses the SM model,
> my humble opinion,in that it supplies ombudsmen to help the little
> to be heard in school meetings.

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