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Our JC is far from being just about punishment. There may be consequences
if it is the judgement of our JC that Rule/s have been broken, but because
like life, not everything is just black and white, our JC does more than
conduct Hearings. They also talk about philosophy and the practical
implications of actions and ways and means those actions can be corrected
for the future. Consensus is a means of decision making (one that has been
discussed a lot in this group and another in the past) but not the only one.
Although most of our decisions are by consensus, but for at least reasons of
efficiency and effectiveness, majority voting can and does apply, when
necessary, and after everyone has had reasonable input.
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> << I believe that the SM and the JC in their evolved forms make a lot of
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> and are valid components of a SVM School. >>
> Valid yes, but not both necessary. Consensus has been used in place of
> and it seems to concentrate on the human element more by putting more
> importance in relationships instead of punishment.

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