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As Joe referred to in an earlier e-mail, some Schools tend to be a "little"
democratic. Not all Schools that describe themselves as "democratic" are,
in our research, fully democratic. Note that this is not a comment about
The Highland School (a name on our short list of possible School names).
It's not possible to be a little pregnant. Either you are pregnant or you
aren't. Naturally not all schools that are democratic are part of the
Sudbury network of sister Schools. However, for those that are, there are
many benefits, far more than there are disadvantages (if there are any).
We're proud to be part of the Sudbury network, because the ideals and values
that SVS and sister Schools espouse are the same as, or very similar to,
those that we resolved ourselves through assessing our own needs in 1994.
One of the great benefits of the pioneer work of the SVM and the Schools
that have evolved since, is that it is not prescriptive, as I think Allan
was alluding to. However, Sudbury Schools can soon tell though whether a
School proclaiming its democracy is being accurate in doing so. SVS exists
for the benefit of those who choose as it as a model of education that suits
them. It doesn't go out to franchise new Schools to become established. It
is simply prepared to help those that help themselves and who believe the
same things.
Regards, Derek
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> My preference is to use the term "democratic schools", as this covers a
> broader range of schools. The key point for me is that the participants
> full authority to run the school. The Highland School (which I helped to
> found in 1981) is one school which does not use the Sudbury "label"
> we started the school before we had heard about SVS.
> ~Alan Klein
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> >
> > By this definition, we are a Sudbury school. I was taking care not to
> > that label, because my previous interactions with staff at a Sudbury
> school
> > I visited, and with a founders group in California led me to believe
> > the model included the forms of governance.
> >
> > So, my question now is, is it helpful to use the label? I'd be
> to
> > hear what people on this list have to say about this. In talking to
> > about the Living School, I find that when I mention Sudbury, very few
> people
> > have heard of it. For those that have, it does offer a good reference
> point
> > for what we're about. For those who haven't, there is the possibility
> > they will look at the SVS website and learn more.
> >
> > Does anyone know why the schools that Joe mentions that apparently *are*
> > Sudbury schools by his definition (New School and Tutorial School),
> > not to use the label?

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