Re: DSM: Interest increasing?

Martin Wilke (
Fri, 05 Jan 2001 21:30:17 +0100

Connie Shaw schrieb:
> Joe writes:
> > I believe that structures such as School Meeting and JC are not
> necessarily
> > part of the model, and in a Sudbury Model school, the participants DO
> decide
> > what structures to use...
> and
> > I'm interested, since the only real constants of the model is that the
> > students and staff see to the day-to-day governance, and that learning is
> > student-led (two concepts you are in harmony with), why aren't you
> starting
> > a Sudbury School?
> By this definition, we are a Sudbury school. I was taking care not to use
> that label, because my previous interactions with staff at a Sudbury school
> I visited, and with a founders group in California led me to believe that
> the model included the forms of governance.

I think that at least the School Meeting is crucial for being a Sudbury
School. If you had, instead, a principal who decides everything, but who
is elected by students and staff members, this would still be
democratic, but it wouldn't be a Sudbury School. As I understood it, the
School Meeting is the heart of a Sudbury School. And you can't live
without having a heart.

Maybe the JC is not absolutely necessary, one could deal with all the
judicial stuff in the School Meeting.

Martin Wilke

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