DSM: charter SM Schools?

CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Fri, 5 Jan 2001 12:31:48 -0500

And as for Blue Mountain School, it's
> in Oregon, about 20 miles south of Eugene, and you should probably read
> about it yourself so I don't give any wrong information.
> (http://www.efn.org/~blue_mtn/) I ended up writing to the contact address
> there for clarifications.

I couldn't get this link to work - the page is no longer available. Does
anyone have a current address for Blue Mountain School?

If you could have a funded SM school, why wouldn't you? My biggest obstacle
is finding the money to do all of this as I am a stay at home Mom right now.
We are scraping by so that I can be home with the kids so extra money to put
towards a school is pretty much out of the question. If you do the charter
thing do you lose part of the model? Is it a compromise? What are the
disadvantages? What exactly is a charter school? All I know is that the
parents have a say in charter schools - is that right?

Thanks in advance!

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