Re: Re[2]: DSM: Interest increasing?

CindyK (
Fri, 5 Jan 2001 12:23:16 -0500

> Reading Heidi's post I find myself thinking/daydreaming about an idea:
> Performance of a graphical presentation of the position of SVM schools all
> over the United States (and Worldwide).
> Presenting a U.S.A. map at one of the SVM schools web-sites, marked
> with each one of SVM schools existing/starting today and their
> geographical radius of influence -- being periodicaly updated by the
> manager of the site.
> Amen.
> David Rovner

Great idea! I would like to see it as a map of the world though!
Especially since I don't live in the States! :) I think it's great to see
this idea spreading worldwide!


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