RE: DSM: Interest increasing?
Fri, 05 Jan 2001 10:01:32 -0700

This issue of democratic/Sudbury-model/free schools...I guess I'm
wondering--and these are not rhetorical questions--how would a free school
exist without being a democratic school? How can we afford our children
this freedom from evaluation and compulsion, and the opportunity to be
responsible for themselves, and what shape can a system that allows that
possibly take? Is democracy the only shape, and what's the most basic
version of that which is still recognizable as democracy? (I'm actually in
almost the same situation as you, Lisa, with a baby chewing on one arm and
hunt-and-pecking with the other!) Maybe you can see what I'm getting at...

As far as unschooling, I agree with you, Heidi--I'd like my son to have
daily exposure to lots of different kinds of people, and as someone at AVS
astutely pointed out, parental influence is very strong, even if we try not
to influence. They were talking about staffing the school as a parent, but
I can see that if I was unschooling, it would be difficult not to try to
direct Felix's attention at least a bit.

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