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Fri, 5 Jan 2001 18:44:20 +0200

Reading Heidi's post I find myself thinking/daydreaming about an idea:
Performance of a graphical presentation of the position of SVM schools all
over the United States (and Worldwide).
Presenting a U.S.A. map at one of the SVM schools web-sites, marked
with each one of SVM schools existing/starting today and their
geographical radius of influence -- being periodicaly updated by the
manager of the site.
Thus, we can reach at least two targets I can think of:
1. Giving efficient service to everyone who wants to enroll to one of SVM schools.
2. Watching and performing a follow-up of the increasing growth of Democratic
Schools in the U.S.
their radius of influence included, until they cover the whole country, or most of it --
David Rovner

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Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 23:12:33 -0900
Subject: Re: DSM: Interest increasing?

>Hello all,
> I certainly appreciate any and all talk about starting a school. Cindy
>K asked Lisa to email her directly to tell her about the Canadian
>experience. Couldn't you have your discussion here so we could listen in
>and learn too? Seems to me the experiences of others is one of the best
>places to start such an endeavor as starting a school. The clearinghouse of
>contact information for people starting a school sounds useful, but how
>about a forum where those with experience can impart advice to those who are
>earlier in the process?
> What is the Blue Mountain School in Oregon? Is it a charter school that
>gets funds from the state, but still can be a SVS-type school? That's very
>interesting to me, because charter schools and state money redistributed to
>homeschoolers are happening alternative school options in my state, Alaska.
>"Lovely little loophole," indeed. By the way, anybody out there an Alaskan
>interested in the SVS model?
> Karen, about being thought insane. Don't you feel comforted when this
>pronouncement crops up? I don't ever feel like my thoughts on children,
>education, healthcare and the like are on the right track unless they are
>non-mainstream. What an insighful comment about adults being jealous of
>kids in democratic schools! I know I've spent some time wishing I had been
>treated to such a school.
> Your comment, Malc, about emphasis being on consolidating communities,
>rather than starting new schools is truly forward-thinking, but that sort of
>changing-the-world seems so much more a daunting task than starting a
>SVS-type school. So, thanks for making starting a school sound like the
>simpler of two undertakings! But, of course, the comment about "moving to
>an area with a school and finding a new home and/or job being easier than
>starting a school" puts the magnitude of the task of starting a school back
>into perspective.
> About the question of finding like-minded people, I think media coverage
>is helpful here. There are perhaps a certain number of people out there who
>are "ripe" for these ideas, they just need to hear about them. Thanks,
>Mothering Magazine, for putting them out from time to time. I read their
>article about democratic schools in the most recent issue and I'm off and
>running. The idea struck a chord, I was ready for it without having any
>idea I was ready for it.
> Cathy from Boulder, you ask how to get in contact with others who are
>interested. Could you get the local paper to do an article on this odd
>democratic school model idea, then mention an open discussion of the idea at
>a certain time at a public place? Can you call up even one other person you
>think might be interested and ask them if they are and if they know of at
>least one other who might be and so on and get a list going that way? This
>is where it would be handy to hear how other groups generated interest in
>their areas.
> Cathy, do you know there's a democratic school in the Denver area? Have
>you gone to visit yet? I'd love to visit a school, it's just that for us
>it's two hours by car, then five by plane to get to the nearest one, in
>Heidi Barker

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