Re: DSM: Interest increasing?

Heidi Barker (
Fri, 5 Jan 2001 06:35:29 -0900

> We certainly could talk about it here. I didn't mean to exclude you, I
> didn't realize that so many others were at the same stage as me. I too
> to get as much information as I can. And I didn't want to plug up this
> with all my silly and perhaps naive questions.
> ~CindyK

    Not at all! Be sure to let us know how your meeting on Jan. 27th goes.
You have 130,000 to draw from for your school? That's a lot more than I
would have. I live in interior Alaska, 100 miles south of Fairbanks, near
Denali National Park. We're moving to Fairbanks this summer, population
38,000. While Interior Alaskans do tend to be a little on the different
side, I'm worried that that isn't big enough to support a democratic
school. Anybody know what's the smallest community that does support a
democratic school?
    What's the "other list" that you can join once you buy the start-up kit?
    Cathy, is the living school going to do it for you? Do you mind that it
isn't exactly a SVS-model school? I wasn't suggesting the Denver school as
an option, just as an example to visit. I despise commuting, myself. The
Denver school might actually be an option for us, as my husband works for
the Park Service and there's a regional headquarters in Denver. I've asked
him to keep a eye on available jobs there, but in the meantime, I'm looking
into starting a school here.
    Thanks for the link to the Blue Mountain School. I was wondering about
the possiblity of a publically-funded SVS-model school, and here there
already is one! I would think that the loophole about not having to take
the state-mandated tests would be indispensable. I'll look into our laws
here before I go any further.
    Unschooling is a thought, but I dream of being part of a vibrant
community. An SVS-model school seems like a way to have both things at
    Oh, there's a book "Starting a Sudbury Valley School?" That sounds like
it could be helpful. Thanks for sharing with us about starting your school,
 Lisa. Your confidence comes through. One of your founders is a SVS former
student? I wonder, now that the original SVS kids are getting old enough to
have children, what they're going to do about schooling their children.

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