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Thu, 4 Jan 2001 15:08:06 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, John Axtell wrote:

> Scott,
> A quick question.
> In what way did the MCSA test help your attendance at school ?

Since we have a long waiting list, I don't think that the MCAS has raised
attendance... But it has certainly raised _interest_ in our state.

Because the MCAS is such an incredibly awful idea that more parents in
Massachusetts are losing faith in state run education, and are more open
to the idea that there may be even deeper problems in the schools.

The MCAS also points up the most basic flaws in the philosophy that
informs the pro-school movement... The act of seeing the state spell out
"what every person _should_ know" makes people angry, becase the list just
looks both tedious _and_ so overwhelming... Any person who looks at this
test will be compelled to ask if _real_ learning has anything to do with
curricula, and some of them begin to realize that it doesn't.

> The state of Washington is implementing the Certificate of Mastery as one of
> the requirements for a high school diploma starting in 2008. At the rate they
> are going we should expect to see no more than 60 % of those completing high
> school getting a diploma and more likely it will be about 40 %.
> John Axtell
> Scott Gray wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > Every now and again something happens to lend more public credibility to
> > these ideas and to make it a little easier for such schools to operate,
> > and a little liklier that people will try to found a new school. Sudbury
> > Valle has been helped by the existance of "MCAS" mandatory testing in the
> > Massachusetts public schools, was helped tremendously by the many fine
> > schools out there which have used the term "Sudbury Model" for what they
> > are doing, and media coverage (newspaper, TV, etc.), and several other
> > factors.

--Scott David Gray
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