Re: DSM: Interest increasing?

John Axtell (
Thu, 04 Jan 2001 11:48:02 -0800


A quick question.

In what way did the MCSA test help your attendance at school ?

The state of Washington is implementing the Certificate of Mastery as one of
the requirements for a high school diploma starting in 2008. At the rate they
are going we should expect to see no more than 60 % of those completing high
school getting a diploma and more likely it will be about 40 %.

John Axtell

Scott Gray wrote:

> Every now and again something happens to lend more public credibility to
> these ideas and to make it a little easier for such schools to operate,
> and a little liklier that people will try to found a new school. Sudbury
> Valle has been helped by the existance of "MCAS" mandatory testing in the
> Massachusetts public schools, was helped tremendously by the many fine
> schools out there which have used the term "Sudbury Model" for what they
> are doing, and media coverage (newspaper, TV, etc.), and several other
> factors.

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