RE: DSM: Interest increasing?

Mitch Berg (
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 15:57:30 -0600

Hi, all:

Every time I join a mailing list, I tell myself I'm going to wait a few
weeks before posting, just to get the lay of the land. And every time, a
post comes along that piques my interest and forces me to break my vow.

I'm Mitch Berg. I live in St. Paul, have two kids, and a few conversations
with another list member have sparked my interest in different education
models. Scott's post begs a few questions for me...

...starting with the hazards of these types of schools:

> Unfortunately, there are _many_ difficulties in the road to setting up a
> school. These involve vast expenditures of time and money, often involves
> alienating friends and family, and can even involve hurting one's own

Leaving the money aside, what are the issues that crop up with family,
friends and kids?

> If one doesn't have a number of _very_ dedicated people, one doesn't have
> the good fortune to live in an area where the law and bureacracy will
> allow it

What are the sorts of law/bureaucracy issues you run into? I can imagine
some, but...?

> Several people, after examining the problems associated with starting a
> school like this, have decided that it is easier to move (even if it
> involves finding a new home and/or job) than to start a school.

Well, moving is not an option. If I can't live in St. Paul, why live at
all? Seriously, that leads to perhaps my biggest, if most premature
question; is there any way one find if there is a group interested in the
Sudbury model in my area?

> I do think that you're right in general though; the excitement about these
> ideas has been steadily growing, and I think that over time the rate at
> which the excitement about these ideas have grown has, itself, grown.

Well, my interest is certainly piqued...

Thanks in advance for any info.

Mitch Berg

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