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Scott Gray (
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 16:17:02 -0500 (EST)

It is very easy to become very enthusiastic about setting up a school
shortly after beginning to think very seriously about educational
philosophy, if there are no schools that appeal to one in one's immediate

Unfortunately, there are _many_ difficulties in the road to setting up a
school. These involve vast expenditures of time and money, often involves
alienating friends and family, and can even involve hurting one's own kids
(the reason _why_ many people want to start schools).

If one doesn't have a number of _very_ dedicated people, one doesn't have
the good fortune to live in an area where the law and bureacracy will
allow it, one doesn't live in an area where some families are ripe to try
a school like this, or one does not have luck on one's side, then the
school will probably never get off the ground and will not last very long.

Several people, after examining the problems associated with starting a
school like this, have decided that it is easier to move (even if it
involves finding a new home and/or job) than to start a school.

Fortunately, enough people have actually braved these inhospitable odds
that some good schools actually exist; but the ratio of people who found a
school to people who are excited about founding a school is always quite

I do think that you're right in general though; the excitement about these
ideas has been steadily growing, and I think that over time the rate at
which the excitement about these ideas have grown has, itself, grown.

Every now and again something happens to lend more public credibility to
these ideas and to make it a little easier for such schools to operate,
and a little liklier that people will try to found a new school. Sudbury
Valle has been helped by the existance of "MCAS" mandatory testing in the
Massachusetts public schools, was helped tremendously by the many fine
schools out there which have used the term "Sudbury Model" for what they
are doing, and media coverage (newspaper, TV, etc.), and several other

On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, CindyK wrote:

> In the short time that I have been on this list, (a few months) I have
> seen many people interested in setting up schools. Is this typical or
> is there an increase in interest. I would like to hear from those who
> have been in this for a while. I think that the time is ripe for ideas
> like this and that it is finally catching on. Am I right or is this
> just my limited perception?
> ~CindyK

--Scott David Gray
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