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Viva l' Sudbury!

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Just wanted to share some poems from "Learning by Heart; Contemporary
American Poetry about School" (traditional school that is):

Learning in the First Grade
Jane Kenyon

"The cup is red. The drop of rain is blue. The clam is brown."
So said the sheet of exercises-purple mimeos, still heady
from the fluid in the rollin silver drum. but the cup was
not red. It was white, or had no color of its own.
Oh, but my mind was finical. It put the teacher perpetually
in the wrong. Called on, however, I said aloud: "The cup is red."
"But it's not," I thought, like Galileo Galilei
muttering under his beard...

Name Giveway
Phil George

That teacher gave me a new name...again.
She never even had feasts or a giveaway!
Still I do not know what "George" means;
and now she calls me "Phillip."
must be a name too hard to remember.

and my particular favorite:

Zimmer's Head Thudding against the Blackboard
Paul Zimmer

At the blackboard I had missed Five number problems in a row,
And was about to foul a sixth, When the old exasperated nun
Began to pound my head against My six mistakes, When I cried,
She threw me back into my seat, Where I hid my head and swore
That very day I'd be a poet, And curse her yellow teeth with this.

Viva l' Sudbury!

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