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Hi, Derek!
Thanks for your attention and support.
As I wrote to Joe a few days ago I don't find it possible to start an SVS in
Russia now. I wish to see the results of the educational reformation. The
thing is that now many statements of the SM are against Russian law. Here is
an example.

A friend of my worked in a school in the Moscow district. One of his student
didn't come to school and at the time of my friend's lesson he was killed in
a street fight. My friend was responsible for students' life during the
lesson time according the law. He spent a month in a jail but at the trial
the boy's parents wrote a document asking to forgive him. So only the
murders were finally accused. But what if parents wouldn's have done so?
Needless to say what problem face my friend when he tried to get a job after
that. I'm not speaking about the feelings of his wife and parents while all
this was going on.
That's one of the reasons why teachers are afraid of freedom. Do teachers in
Australia and other countries have such responsibilities?

I hope many of the statements which turn a school into a jail will be
destroyed sometime. Because now the school relationship is based on fear.
Fortunatelly, the project offered by the government is being discussed and
criticised in press and educational structures. But the thing that makes me
desperate is that most people wish strong hand in education as well as in
politics. Anyway it's a long conversation, Derek.

I don't leave my dream to create an SVS in this country and your support is
really precious for me.

About books and media. I'm full with the information which I got on the SVS
sites and on this list. I really need time to think all this over.


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>Hi Anna,
>This is Derek from The Booroobin Sudbury School in Australia.
>Is there anything we can do to assist you? I note your low income. Have
>you already got any SVS books or media? Is it possible, by whatever means,
>to gather support from other people? It will only be through a strongly
>committed working / founders group that you will be able to get a School
>the ground. Generating support there for your aspirations will help you
>with at least moral support, and in time can become collectively strong
>enough to make things happen.
>Regards, Derek
>The Booroobin Sudbury School
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>> Thank you, Evelyn, for the words of encouragement.
>> I hope that sometime I will create a school much like SVS. Actually,
>> part in the discussion is one of the steps.
>> Anna
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>> >Dear Anna,
>> >I applaud your courage and I appreciate your challenge. Even though I
>> agree
>> >with others, that it is not possible to replicate the SVS model in a
>> >curriculum based school. I think to be doing what you are doing in a
>> country
>> >that does not guarantee "liberty and justice for all" is important.
>> >By and large I hated school growing up, I remember fondly every
>> >where I was given choice.
>> >I support your desire to do the best you can given the difficulty of
>> >location. I am the mother of an SVS student and I live near San
>> >
>> >Evelyn Hardesty
>> >
>> >
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