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Bruce Smith (
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 18:47:23 -0600 (CST)

I don't have the time or inclination to respond to most of John Axtell's
latest post, but a couple of points call for a reply.

<<Dawn, in her posts seems to think that there is no place for the public school
system, in any country!!!! the SV model is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE

IMO, the problem is less that there is publicly-supported education, and
more that the prevailing model is so oppressive.

<<Neither do I believe that when a school gets $ 6,000 per student a year
those with normal or above normal intelligence should be required to give
a lot of their money to take care of a student who has to have a special
school bus, has to have a person beside him all day long to control his
behavior, and simply can not do any independent behavior at all.>>

Of course -- why should our government (which we all know we can't affect
or influence) offer any assistance to those abnormal types who claim to be
challenged in some way? If people can't fend for themselves, let 'em
twist in the breeze!

<<Incidentally has anyone noticed that a lot of sports programs have a
disproportionate amount of blacks on them. Could it be whites are being
discriminated against because blacks are better in sports than whites?>>

Incidentally, has anyone noticed any racism on this list? Could it be that
people are being discriminated against because they're thoughtful and

<<1. Obviously SV model allows gays in. Do they allow cross dressers as
teachers, students ? Do they allow two boys to show affection to each other
physically or do they have to hide their feelings. Is the same standard applied
to boy / girl relationships and if there are standards where does the freedom
of expression and the "right" to be oneself come in or where does it

Obviously, we allow *people* in, without the need or desire to categorize

I believe that in most Sudbury schools, sexual behavior at school is
against the rules. To my knowledge what one wears, so long as it is not
scanty and does not display a slogan or symbol of a hate group, is not the
business of any School Meeting member.

<<2. Is the SV model of freedom simply defined as what the JC allows, or
the bylaws allows or is there really freedom of expression. Can student's
smoke or drink if they wish?>>

Our schools do not permit students or staff to do things that are illegal
in the larger society.

<<I do not have my mind made up that there is little difference between a
"teacher" in the SV model and a traditional setting. In fact I am trying to
understand how a person in the SV model could possibly hold the title of
"teacher" rather than coach or resource person. The definition of a teachers
seems contrary to the purpose of SV model.>>

I do not have my mind made up that there is any substantial similarity
between a Sudbury staff member and a traditional-school teacher.

Reading this, I wonder how much of the SVS literature John has read.
There is a reason we call ourselves "staff," as we fill a variety of
roles. What "teacher" in a traditional setting (though, granted, they also
perform a variety of functions), is simultaneously an administrator,
secretary, custodian, playmate and friend? What "teacher" gets to play
with students, gets to know them on a deep, personal, equal basis, and
holds _no arbitrary authority whatsoever_ over his/her students?


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