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Anna Babina (annababina@yandex.ru)
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 21:42:44 +0300

Thank you, Evelyn, for the words of encouragement.
I hope that sometime I will create a school much like SVS. Actually, taking
part in the discussion is one of the steps.


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>Dear Anna,
>I applaud your courage and I appreciate your challenge. Even though I
>with others, that it is not possible to replicate the SVS model in a
>curriculum based school. I think to be doing what you are doing in a
>that does not guarantee "liberty and justice for all" is important.
>By and large I hated school growing up, I remember fondly every situation
>where I was given choice.
>I support your desire to do the best you can given the difficulty of your
>location. I am the mother of an SVS student and I live near San Francisco.
>Evelyn Hardesty

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