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Hello, Angela!

About Tubelsky school. As Dawn said it's impossible to create and SVS when
you have a strong curriculum. It's right. Next, the school depends on State
money. Actually, it's a strange hybrid: state funds and assesment and
democratic conversations. I didn't give up School of S-D, but now, as you
know, I have a 10month old son and can't work full-time. They wanted me to
be at school 5 days a week. I refused. I'll think of the future work there
when my son is older.
Then I had a strong conflict with the administration when it seemed to me
that our proclamations differ from actions. May be I was wrong, but to my
mind in our life there was too much beautiful theory and too little
successful practice.
Also Alexandre keeps school on his strong personality. He failed to create a
team of people devoted to the democratic ideal and working mechanismes. If
he leaves the school will become traditional in some days.
It's my personal attitude. I don't say I'm absolutely right. All this is
painful for me.

About school system in Russia I wrote to Joe

>Now in our parlament (State Duma) a project of the educational system is
>being discussed. Most people support coming to tests everywhere.
>You see, in Russia entering a State High school is the main purpose for
>students. Because boys won't be taken to the army. It is important. So the
>goal of school is preparing for entrance examinations.
>Next. Most people can't pay a penny for children's educations. It's a
>of economy and mentality. But a SVS can't live on the State money or grants
>because it means being dependant. I know it from Al.Tubelsky's experience.
>There is a possibility to make a SVS. But its students will be from so
>called "New russians" (it's a slang for russian nouveau riche). Others will
>need the papers which only a public school can give them.
>Did I give you an answer?

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>I know that you once worked at the School of Self-determination in Moscow,
>more closely resembles a Sudbury School than a traditional school. I think
>can probably judge for yourself how much good it is doing you and the
>to be and work in the oppressive environment of the school teaching
>you are now in. The question is, do you see movement in the direction
>more freedom? I know you are a pretty stong person, and I can see you
making a
>difference opening the door to democracy in the classroom, but is it
enough, for
>you and the students?
>The reponses to your post seem to reflect the extreme ends of the spectrum
>what is currently possible (conceivably) here in the U.S.; I wonder what
>continuum of Russian school systems looks like. What are the current
models of
>education in Russia? How are they similar to ours? I think it would be
>hard to do what you are doing. I have often wondered if I could do it here
>the U.S. and I'm pretty sure I could not.
>take care,
>Angela Sevin
>P.S How is "Tubelsky's" school doing these days?

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