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>Now in our parlament (State Duma) a project of the educational system is
>being discussed. Most people support coming to tests everywhere.
>You see, in Russia entering a State High school is the main purpose for
>students. Because boys won't be taken to the army. It is important. So the
>goal of school is preparing for entrance examinations.
>Next. Most people can't pay a penny for children's educations. It's a
>of economy and mentality. But a SVS can't live on the State money or grants
>because it means being dependant. I know it from Al.Tubelsky's experience.
>There is a possibility to make a SVS. But its students will be from so
>called "New russians" (it's a slang for russian nouveau riche). Others will
>need the papers which only a public school can give them.
>Did I give you an answer?
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>: RE: DSM: An alternative teacher at a traditional school
>>Anna, as Mr. Axtell says, there are a couple of schools of thought about
>>efficacy of teachers attempting to institute bits and pieces of the
>>Model within a conventional classroom. I should also tell you that
>>educators who have worked in both environments will almost universally say
>>that it is essentially impossible to reap the benefits of the Sudbury
>>in a conventional school environment.
>>Having said that, I do agree with Mr. Axtell's sentiments that yours is
>>certainly a culture living in a time, economy and political climate where
>>would be difficult to start a Sudbury Model school.
>>But in your opinion, would it be impossible?
>>-Joe Jackson
>>Fairhaven School
>>Upper Marlboro, MD

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