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Anna Babina (annababina@yandex.ru)
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 11:21:29 +0300

John Axtell asked
<What grade do you teach ?

I teach grades 9 and 10. In Russia it says that kids are from 14 to 16.

John Axtell wrote
<Alternative teachers in alternative schools face very few real challenges and the value of their contribution to the school is <minimal compared to the opportunity you have where you work.

I don't think that it's easy to work at an alternative schools. The creative atmosphere, freedom, kids and colleagues there makes you develop yourself every minute. You can't say "I'm the best! I know all!" But the advantage is that parents, kids and teachers are one team. They are in one stream and all contradictions are not destructive. They work as a brain storm.
In a traditional school teachers compete for better tests results and putting into child's mind the "correct" attitude towards all. Parents and pedagogues are sure it's the best way to survive in our life. And whats the worst thing - the elder children become the more they believe that! Last lesson a student told me "If we don't have strict rules, we won't achieve success in future". I asked "Is your dad telling you this". He said "Yes". And I understood that it was a surprise for him to realise it was not his own idea. Kids forget how to hesitate!
Next. When a student asks me something that I don't know, I say "I don't know!" Usually they are disappointed as they are taught that teacher knows all.
I have many examples of this kind.

  Anna Babina wrote:

     Hello everybody!I'm a teacher from Moscow (Russia). I'm working for a traditional school with strict rules, curriculum, authoritative mistress etc. But at my lessons I try to create warm atmosphere and democratic rules. I don't make tests, students may miss our "English time" as I call it instead of "English lesson", students may do whatever they want when they come, I just offer them activities, discussion topics and consultations.But I have problems with administration. I always hear things like "How can you afford their sitting on the floor? They don't respect you!" etc But I feel that students need these English hours and some even enjoy this time. I also do.So here comes my questions. How should an alternative teacher behave at a traditional school? Or may be you find it a useless work?Anna

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