DSM: An alternative teacher at a traditional school

Anna Babina (annababina@yandex.ru)
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 15:03:58 +0300

Hello everybody!
I'm a teacher from Moscow (Russia). I'm working for a traditional school with strict rules, curriculum, authoritative mistress etc. But at my lessons I try to create warm atmosphere and democratic rules. I don't make tests, students may miss our "English time" as I call it instead of "English lesson", students may do whatever they want when they come, I just offer them activities, discussion topics and consultations.
But I have problems with administration. I always hear things like "How can you afford their sitting on the floor? They don't respect you!" etc But I feel that students need these English hours and some even enjoy this time. I also do.
So here comes my questions. How should an alternative teacher behave at a traditional school? Or may be you find it a useless work?


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