DSM: Re: Encouragement

Jeanne Pickering (pickeringjeanne@hotmail.com)
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 22:28:10 -0000


To do my own theorizing, I should think that the staff would strive to know each student as a unique individual with different needs for encouragement at different times and ages. Since the staff themselves are unique individuals, I wouldn't expect them all to take the same approach with each student either. I would expect them, though, to be self-aware enough to ask of themselves: Am I offering or imposing encouragement? Is my encouragement truly needed, wanted and welcomed by this particular person?

One of the aspects that I dislike the most about traditional schooling are the approaches that are uniformly applied to each student. Wouldn't the Sudbury model be just as bad if approaches (such as: students should be given the encouragement that would be given to an adult) were also uniformly applied to each student? It seems to me that staff have to be free to exercise their own best judgments and if the students don't like it, they can vote the staff person out.

Jeanne Pickering

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