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CindyK (
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 17:13:33 -0500

Bruce Smith wrote:

> As others have indicated, that's a degree of closeness you're not likely
> find on a listserve.

This is a point I had not thought of myself. Thank you. I used the example
of me starting a school because that is what got me thinking about the role
of encouragement in a Suds school. I think I understand that encouragement
does have a place in the school and I understand it's role.

Several of you said that you would encourage students as you would other
adults in your life. My next question is: Do children of different ages
need different levels of encouragement? I know that personalities come into
play here. I am new to the SVS concept so I ask: Does not a 5 year old
maybe need a little more encouragement than an 18 year old who has had years
of self esteem building? In other words, are the younger ones not a little
more vulnerable, maybe needing a little more 'yes, you can' than older kids?

Again, my experience is very limited here which is why I am asking. I would
just think that an adult would be more self-strong, thereby needing less
outside encouragement than a 5 year old. Maybe I'm talking from my own
experience. Maybe it goes back to the fact that they won't need the
encouragement if they are raised with it coming internally instead of

Any thoughts?


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