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Susan Jarquin (
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 07:32:30 -0800

Hi Cindy,

I am considering opening a school in the Los Angeles area. It is not my
first choice to do this. I would prefer to find a school that suits our
needs and just enroll my kids. Since this school does not exist I will
have to figure something out. I plan to visit a school next month and
purchase the kit, if it looks the way I hope it does in real life. (Not
just on a list) There are a couple of schools in my area that I have
considered, but the tuition is $800 a month. Compared to other schools
in the area costing between $300 and $500 a month, which we have already
tried 2. (Awful)

I had the same feeling about the lack of encouragement on the list.
Then I realized that this is an e-mail list. My feeling is that it is
the first stop. I've had a couple of phone conversations and they have
been a lot more enlightening.

I shared this idea of opening a school with my children, Deanna 7 and
Amanda 5. They are offering a whole lot of encouragement. They are
making signs to get people to come to the school. They think that we
should have a lot of field trips. We will definitely need to find a
place with monkey bars. So in January Deanna plans to go to her school
for 1 day so she can pick up her Christmas Presents and we will start
our new school on the next day.

So these are my goals. I will visit a Sudbury School in January. I
will purchase the kit and start reading. I have already read a couple
items from Sudbury, which I liked very much. We will sign up under an
umbrella school and become Homeschoolers again. My personal opinion is
that there are plenty of people out there interested in trying something
different. I have run into many people who have said they are not
against having there kids in school, but they just don't like the
current system. So they Homeschool or just accept the school they are
affiliated with. Whether we make it or not is irrelevant. What we will
learn in the process will be valuable. (I'm planning on being
successful though.)

You can gain 10 years of experience in 10 months by paying attention to
what others have done. I read this in a Terry Murphy (Real Estate
Motivator) book and I have found this to be true in every part of my
life. That's why Sudbury interests me. 33 years is a long time to be
in operation. I'm sure there were many people that said it wouldn't
last a year.

So Cindy, If you ever need encouragement feel free to e-mail and I'll do
the same when I get down.

Warm Regards,
Susan Jarquin

CindyK wrote:

> I have noticed that there is very little encouragement involved with
> the sudbury model. Whenever I have mentioned that I would like to
> start a school I have been told: it's very difficult, you're better
> off moving closer to one, not many people make it, etc... Now, I
> understand that it is all true and I know that it weeds the garden.
> If, once people find out how hard it is, and they still continue they
> will be more likely to succeed. But is there no room for
> encouragement? I don't only mean with me. I mean in the school. I
> know that the adults are to give the students room to discover on
> their own. But is it a conscious effort not to encourage too much?
> Is that part of the model? I believe in encouragement. Once my kids
> show an interest in something, I try to encourage them to follow that
> interest as long as it remains an interest. I tell them they can do
> anything that they are interested in. I think that if I instead
> pointed out all the difficulties, they may not even embark on the
> journey. My kids are still young yet and maybe I am wrong. This is
> just what I have noticed here and I would like to know if it applies
> to the model. Where does encouragement fit into the Sudbury
> Model? Thank you,CindyK

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